Jordan Thomas, BS
School Intervention Coach

Jordan Thomas is a School Intervention Coach at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's (CHOP) Center for Violence Prevention. Jordan partners with schools throughout Philadelphia to reduce bullying and aggression. Her work focuses on training and coaching counselors and teachers to implement a school-based intervention to improve children’s social and emotional skills and promote positive peer relationships. Her work also includes creating parent workshops and professional development workshops for educators for schools in the communities CHOP serves.


Jordan Thomas is a School Intervention Coach at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) Center for Violence Prevention (CVP). Her work focuses on developing, training, and sustaining school-based interventions related to reducing bullying and aggression and improving children’s social and emotional skills. At CHOP, Jordan contributes to the development, implementation and evaluation of Preventing Aggression In Schools Everyday (PRAISE) and Friend to Friend interventions aimed at reducing aggressions and bullying for urban elementary school youth.

Prior to her role at CHOP, Jordan worked as a middle school teacher in Red Clay Consolidated School District at HB DuPont. In addition, Jordan worked part-time as a youth developmental coordinator at the Boys and Girls Club of America where she facilitated a program known as GIRLS Inc. Here, she taught young girls from ages five to eighteen healthy and active techniques to avoid risky and unsafe behaviors. Afterwards she transitioned to the Philadelphia School District where she taught grades sixth through eighth. In this role, Jordan led discussions on microaggressions, self-development, and teamwork. She also created and implemented her own curriculum within her classroom to make education culturally responsive to the learner. In addition, Jordan is a brand ambassador for a non-profit that reduces the financial barriers associated with college planning. The non-profit assists parents and schools with college planning by providing students with dormitory goods and college mentorship for scholars along their academic journey.

Jordan’s interdisciplinary background in education and research has allowed her to contribute to both the research and education components of school-based interventions, like Friend to Friend and PRAISE.

BS, Delaware State University, 2019

Currently Pursing MEDL, Delaware State University

School Intervention Coach I, Center for Violence Prevention, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Contact Information
Roberts Center for Pediatric Research, 2716 South St., Philadelphia, PA 19146