Completed and Foundational Child Violence Prevention Projects

Since 2014, the Center for Violence Prevention (formerly the Violence Prevention Initiative) has been conducting research and implementing programs to prevent youth violence. Read below for key completed and foundational projects from the Center.

Key Completed and Foundational Research Projects

Free2B: 3D Multimedia Bullying Prevention ProgramMore

Free2B is a school-based 90-minute multimedia experience for 6th – 8th grade students that provides education about peer bullying, its impact on students and schools, and the important role that positive bystanders can play. Free2B was co-developed and disseminated by CHOP and Life Changing Experiences (LCE) to over 40 schools across the state of Pennsylvania, including 12 schools in Philadelphia. LCE continues to disseminate Free2B across the country and internationally.

Philadelphia Collaborative Violence Prevention CenterMore

The Philadelphia Collaborative Violence Prevention Center (PCVPC) was a multi-university, community-based research program sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2006-2012 with the goal of preventing violence and aggression in the lives of young people in West and Southwest Philadelphia.