Community Violence and Trauma Support Programs at CVP

The Community Violence and Trauma Support Programs at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) Center for Violence Prevention (CVP) promote physical and emotional health and safety for youth and families impacted by trauma and/or violence. Through our trauma-informed model, we partner with youth and families to provide assessments, emotional support, trauma-focused therapy, system navigation, and connection to community services.

Community Violence and Trauma Support

Our Values

Community Violence and Trauma Support Values

Grounded in social justice and racial equity, we strive to reduce barriers and enhance equitable access to quality services by advocating for positive change within various systems of care. We conduct rigorous research and evaluation to inform and improve our programs and disseminate best practices.

Violence Intervention Program (VIP)

violence intervention

VIP is a trauma-informed, community-focused program that provides assault injury prevention strategies, mental health, and case management to address other service needs (e.g., medical, education, legal, housing) to promote safety and recovery, and prevent future violent events. Violence Prevention Specialists at CHOP work with assault-injured youth ages 8-18 who received care in the CHOP Emergency Department, Trauma Unit, or Concussion Clinic for injuries following non-familial, interpersonal violence.

We help families achieve their recovery goals by providing support, advocacy, and navigation within schools, the legal system, community agencies, behavioral health and medical systems, and other youth and family-service systems within Philadelphia.

VIP provides youth and their families with:

  • Voice and choice to identify needs and goals that are most important to them and receive community-centered case management support to meet those goals
  • Evidence-based trauma therapy, provided in office, homes, and virtually
  • Participation in our peer-led support group, BRAVE

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Building Resilience After Violent Experiences (BRAVE)

peer support groups

The Community Violence and Trauma Support Programs offer youth access to a group-based intervention to build individual resilience, promote healing, and build relationships with program staff and peers. BRAVE is a 10-session, peer-led group intervention for youth ages 13-18 who have experienced potentially traumatic events, including community violence.

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Growing Resilience In Teens (GRIT) & Family Advocacy Support (FAS)

Growing Resilience In Teens

GRIT, part of CHOP’s Healthier Together Initiative, is a trauma screening, assessment and referral intervention designed to identify children and youth ages 8-17 who have experienced potentially traumatic events and connect them with appropriate supportive services. The goal of this program is to combat the mental health and community violence crisis. GRIT is currently supporting patients in two CHOP Primary Care locations, Karabots Pediatric Center and Cobbs Creek Primary Care.

A core program component of GRIT is Family Advocacy and Support (FAS), which provides case management support to youth and their families to support them in navigating complex systems of care in Philadelphia, addressing concrete needs, and recovering after exposure to trauma, such as community violence, death of family members or friends, and/or separation from loved ones.

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