Gun Safety Resources

Gun injuries are now the leading cause of death among U.S. children and teens ages 1-19, and many more children and young adults suffer from non-fatal gun injuries or exposure to gun violence. When considering overall child health and well-being, gun safety in homes and curbing community gun violence must be a priority for healthcare institutions. 

In a continued effort to empower parents and caregivers to ask about the presence of a firearm in places where children visit, and speak up about safe gun storage, CHOP is partnering with hospitals and hospital systems across the country in a campaign to equip caregivers, parents, community members with actionable tools for gun conversations. Finding easy ways to ask about unlocked guns in the home helps caregivers prioritize safety—just as they would ask about pets, pools, or food allergies.

National Campaign: It Doesn’t Kill to Ask

At the campaign website,, parents and caregivers will find tips for starting the conversation around the presence of a gun and safe storage, and additional resources on topics such as what to do if someone has an unlocked gun in the home.

Gun Safety Resources Hospitals United

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Additional CHOP Resources on Gun Safety