Ann L. Perepezko, MSW, LSW
School Intervention Coach

Ann Perepezko is a School Intervention Coach partnering with schools throughout Philadelphia to reduce bullying and aggression. Her work focuses on training and coaching counselors and teachers to implement a school-based intervention to improve children’s social and emotional skills and promote positive peer relationships.


Ann Perepezko, MSW, LSW is a School Intervention Coach at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Her work focuses on developing, training, and sustaining school-based interventions related to reducing bullying and aggression and improving children’s social and emotional skills. At CHOP, she contributes to the development, implementation and evaluation of Friend to Friend, an intervention aimed at reducing aggression and bullying for urban elementary school youth. In her previous work as a Climate Manager for the School District of Philadelphia, Ms. Perepezko was the creator and team leader of Bryant Elementary’ s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Initiative, a multi-tiered approach to improve school climate and culture through the implementation of data-driven interventions. Ms. Perepezko was also able to design and teach a social emotional skills curriculum and utilize restorative justice practices with the students. Prior to her role in the school district, Ms. Perepezko was a Child Advocate Social Worker for the Defender Association of Philadelphia. In this role, she worked with children involved in family court, collaborating with attorneys, teachers, social workers, and families to advocate for the child’s best interests in court. Ms. Perepezko’s interdisciplinary background in social work and education has allowed her to contribute to both the research and clinical components of school-based interventions, like Friend to Friend. She is also interested in the impact of education policies and advocacy on student outcomes and continues to seek out opportunities to understand these areas more.

BSW, New York University, 2012

MSW, University of Pennsylvania, 2013

School Intervention Coach, Center for Violence Prevention, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Member, Licensed Social Workers of Pennsylvania

Member, Field Center Young Professionals Council

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Roberts Center for Pediatric Research, 2716 South St., Philadelphia, PA 19146